Suits For Seniors exist to help students learn and build self-confidence, life skills, and a sense of purpose. Suits For Seniors is started at a host site (a school or community partner) and is guided by one or more organization advisors. Organization advisors are faculty members or community partners. A sponsor is a corporate partner, institution, or community partner.

5 Easy Steps to Starting

  • Step 1: Find an Adviser

    • Every Suits For Seniors Local Chapter is required to have an adviser. An adviser can be a school administrator, sponsor, teacher, or any faculty member.


  • Step 2: Create an Executive Board

    • Each Suits For Seniors Chapter is required to have a minimum of five members.

  • Step 3: Create Bylaws 

    • Bylaws are the rules by which a chapter regulates its affairs and the behavior of its members. 

  • Step 4: Create a Strategic Plan 

    • The strategic plan is the action plan for a chapter. Strong strategic plans include well-defined goals and objectives, deadlines, and assigned tasks. The Program of Work is important because it ensures careful planning and a detailed layout for the fiscal year.


  • Step 5: Set Officer and General Meetings Dates/Agendas

    • Many successful chapters layout dates and locations of each other at their meetings at the beginning of the year. This ensures the chapter has a meeting place and the dates and locations can be published and publicized to members and prospective members.

For help completing the registration process, contact Suits For Seniors - or 321-604-7590.


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