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Corporate Cares

Corporate Cares

Suits for Seniors Intern Placement Program is a national internship program that takes successful graduates of our Senior Success Program and places them in a 3-month low-time commitment external internship with a local business. 


As part of the internship program, students will gain first-hand applicable experience while making a difference in their local professional community. 


OUR INTERNSHIP SEASONS - Summer May 15, 2022 - August 15, 2022




Having experience as an intern allows you to further equip yourself for your future professional life. We pride ourselves in matching each of our interns with an organization and program that will allow them to both make a difference in their community and further develop as a leader. 


While each internship is unique, some of the baseline advantages of joining our Suits for Seniors Intern Placement Program are: 


  • Gain Industry Experience Not Available in the Classroom 

    • Design & Complete an Independent Intern Project

    • Assist with Day-to-Day Operations in Your Chosen Field 


  • Create Meaningful Connections with Professionals in Your Field

    • Build Relationships with Organizational Leadership

    • Connect with Your Intern Cohort 


  • Develop a Deeper Understanding About Your Future Profession 

    • See What the Day-to-Day of Your Career is Like

    • Get a Front Row View of Workplace Dynamics and Culture 

    • Understand How Industry-Leading Organizations Function 


  • Soft Skill & Personal Development 

    • Organization - Time Management - Communication - Problem Solving - Project Development - Self-Awareness 


Each intern will be placed in an organization that matches their professional interests and self development goals. 


Successful Interns approach their internship with:  


  • A Curiosity to Learn More About Their Possible Future Industry

  • A Clear Understanding of The Time They Have Available for Our Internship

  • An Ability to Communicate as Things Change

  • A Respect for Their Peers and Mentors 

  • An Excitement to Learn, Grow, Take Charge, and Be Challenged Over the Course of a Three Month Internship 


We Expect Our Interns To: 

  • Fulfill the Time Commitment Promised via Their Application

  • Use their Intern Planner for Self-Guided Success

  • Be Respectful in Their Internship Environment

  • Finish an Independent Internship Project 

  • Support their Internship Sponsor 

  • Communicate with to Suits for Seniors Should Anything Arise 

  • Approach their Internship with Passion & Professionalism 


Our internship seasons are:  


Fall September 15 - December 15 May 20

Spring January 15 - April 15 September 20

Summer May 15 - August 15 January 20 


To apply, access our application here. 


Please note, progress can not be saved while filling out our application. We strongly recommend developing your answers offline and importing them into our form. 


A PDF of our application form can be found here. 




While adding an internship program into your organization may be a new and exciting step, Suits for Seniors is dedicated to creating an intern program that best serves you and our interns. 

Here of some of the benefits of incorporating an intern into your daily operations:  


  • Increase Organizational Capacity 

    • Delegate Daily Upkeep Tasks

    • Integrate a Helping Hand in Daily Operations  

    • Complete Seasonal Projects 

      • Brand Innovations 

      • Research & Development

      • Archiving & Brand History 

      • Database Creation & Management 


  • Gain Fresh Outlooks from a Younger Generation

    • New Addition of Energy & Excitement to Your Workplace

    • Update & Innovate On Your Social Media Presence

    • Gain Fresh Eyes for Brand Updates and Pivots 


  • Build Rich & Valuable Relationships 

    • Create Mentoring Opportunities for Employees

    • Create a Space for an Intern Cohort to Connect and Collaborate

    • Let Your Intern Be a Community Brand Ambassador and Expert  


  • Train the Next Generation of Leaders

    • Gain Brand Ambassadors & Organization Supporters

    • Connect with the Future Generation of Employees


We are always looking for more organization intern partners.