Our Mission

With a focus on High School Seniors, we bring them into education and mentoring initiatives that better equip them to charter their own paths, and become leaders in those paths they choose. The education is offered through an 8-week program that in general, provides foundational awareness of the intricate issues as they transition through life. We seek to help these young people navigate the trials common in their lives and celebrate the accomplishments of overcoming them. 

The mentorship program broadly encompass lessons on:

  • Leadership, 

  • Schools & Education, 

  • Career & Professional life, 

  • Finances (personal & investments), 

  • Interpersonal Skills and 

  • Wholesome Wellness. 

They have all been tailored from in-depth research and experience, as well as delivered by tutors through professional and interactive ways for maximum benefit to the youth. Upon successful completion of a course, the student is gifted a custom-tailored suit. This tradition is the hallmark of our program. It signifies dressing for success. It amplifies self-confidence and proclaims the respect you deserve. It puts you at the top of the world and lays every challenge at your feet. It states it’s time to bring out the leader in you.

The mentorship process then follows. The student is granted an internship opportunity to facilitate their career growth, as well as a mentor to guide, empower and improve their holistic well-being. This phase is vital in cultivating a healthy state of mind for the student while helping them make deeper, meaningful connections with their family, peers, colleagues and community at large.


Senior Success

Program(6-12 Week)

The purpose is to teach high school students the importance of their educational career, personal finance, and professionalism so they can maximize the number of opportunities they take after high school. It will also help students to properly work towards their goals and vision for the future. 

Career Center

The purpose of the Career Center is to help individuals obtain employment that will allow them to sustain their lives. Individuals will be able to come to the center and receive a suit, a resume building session, and a mock interview. After the individual has received these services then they will be able to receive help applying for a job. 

Hours of operation 

Mon-Fri: 9AM to 3PM

contact us

251 W. 11th St. 

Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Tel:(305) 459-3354

Email: info@suitsforseniors.org

EIN: 81-2028864