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About Suits for Seniors

About Us

What does Suits for Seniors do?
Suits for Seniors is a 501(c)(3) community development organization which operates a two-pronged program to service under-resourced youth, each aspect of which serves to focus our staff’s efforts towards achieving our mission. Our flagship program not only ensures the development of positive image and professionalism in at-risk high school seniors, but also delivers vital career exploration and leadership development curriculum to these deserving young people.

Who does their work help?

Having recognized a need that exists in our community, we are successfully serving at-risk high school seniors attending schools in Pam Beach County with low college transition rates via an innovative college readiness and career exploration course. Offered in collaboration with Palm Beach County high schools, Suits for Seniors’ program is intended to cultivate the academic, social, and leadership abilities of at-risk young people in Palm Beach County, while enhancing their traditional education and social development. Since our recent founding we have already been fortunate to begin to touch the lives of over 150 area youth at 4 high schools through our services.

How do people get help?
Schools or organizations interested in the program should reach out directly to the organization to discuss the intentions and unique curriculum of the program. It’s a commitment. Students must complete an enrichment program comprised of addressing college transition, leadership, career exploration, and developing a personal vision for a successful future. When the seniors graduate, they are given the distinction of a personally-tailored suit.

The course has 4 main objectives:
Objective 1: Increase the high school graduation and college entrance rate for at-risk students.
Objective 2: Augment the lifetime earning potential and facilitate the long-term success of young people entering the workforce.
Objective 3: Reduce youth violence and build community relationships in and around Palm Beach County
Objective 4: Educate the high school students on the value of professionalism and Financial Literacy.

How can YOU help?
Suits for Seniors’ immediate needs:
Professionals who are willingly to commit to speaking and possibly mentoring high school students.

Donations to successfully operate the programming.

Contact me through email :

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Professional Development

-Provide a networking system.

-Building a resume and cover letter writing.

-Personal and social development

– Consultation, coaching, communities of practice, lesson study, mentoring, reflective supervision and technical assistance

Profesional Leadership

-Teach resources and skills to build a future.

-Goal Setting

-Etiquette training.

– Executive Speaking

-Leading with emotional intelligence

– Opportunities to engage with influential leaders.

Financial Stability

-Education on Loans, credit cards, taxes, how to invest, and how to mange money.

-Understanding Financial markets and institutions

-Creating effective saving plans